Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Running your first Android Program

Your First Helloandroid program
For simplicity we start our Helloandroid program.

Step:1 Click =>icon below the File menu or File=>New . New Select Wizard Open. Choose the Android Project and click Next button

 Step2: New Android Project Dialog open
(a)Write the name of Project: "Helloandroid" and click -> Next Button
(b)Choose Location for the Android project.There is already default location is
or otherwise define the location.

 Step3:Select Build target for Helloandroid choosing the target machine based two factor
(a) Who is Target Audience?
(b) What is need of your project?
       There is so many target machine available. It depend upon which target machine is download at the time of installation. Here number of Target machine is installed at the time of installation .Basically Android 2.2 is sufficient.Here we choose Android 4.0.3 target machine and click Next Button.
Step4: By default the Project Name and Application Name is same unless you specify new name.
(a) Specify the package name the Syntax of package namespace conversion i.e.
(b)Check the create Activity Checkbox it create default activity
Syntax: ProjectName+"Activity" ie HelloandroidActivity

Each task is Activity with in the Android Application.

 Step5:  It is Architecture of Helloandroid. These file build automatically as soon as we click=> Finish Button.We discuss in latter in coming post
Architecture of Helloandroid file
 How to Run our First Helloandroid Program 
Step 6:Click => Run icon pop down menu will be open click Run Configurations..


 Step:8 Here we click Browse button.. 

Step:9 Select the Helloandroid Project and click ok

Step:10 Now we click Target Tab

Step:11 Check the Radio button Automatic .In Android Virtual Device Table it show the Android virtual machine  which already configured in Android Installation Post and Finally Run button

Step:12 Drag the Android Lock and drop the Right Hand side Lock 

Step13 As soon as you drop in Right Hand Side program is execute

Descripition of your First Android program

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